A Unique 100% Engagement Fee Guarantee* 

nVntori engages with the client to perform a diagnostic evaluation of the company’s current supply chain and solve for future efficiencies. After agreeing upon operational objectives and setting financial goals, you put us to work.
nVntori staff trains and empowers the clients to reach the goals they have set together. These milestones are tracked and measured, with savings created by supply chain improvements reported to senior leadership on an quarterly basis.
At nVntori, our word is everything. If we happen fall short of our agreed upon goals, your business is covered. nVntori will either stay on the job until our shared objectives are met, or we will refund a portion of our fees.

Our engagements return between 2:1-10:1 ROI

Every company says that they’ll save you money, but where’s the guarantee? 
nVntori has a history of success that will lead your company to profitability. By taking advantage of nVntori’s decades of supply chain industry experience, your operations team will be able to secure the most important metric you can deliver – a return on investment.    

Results Impacted:

  • 7-21% cost reduction in logistics
  • 10-18% cost reduction in procurement
  • 12-24% reduction in working capital requirements
  • 10-25% cost reduction or margin improvement in operations

A Different Approach To Consulting:

When you sign on with nVntori, you’re getting a lot more than industry knowledge – you’re getting a business partner.
Where other consulting firms may plug your operations team into a series of metrics that have worked for someone else, nVntori is interested in finding efficiencies specific to your company’s challenges. Our Professional Services Group will engage with your staff and make sure they have the training and expertise to run your operations team at a level that will keep your company profitable long after we’re gone.
*As a matter of standard operating procedure, nVntori will sign a savings guarantee with all clients upon initial engagement. This guarantee may be adjusted during the length of the contract dependent upon unforeseeable variables not present at time of engagement. 

Mitigates Your Risk With Our Guarantee:

“The ability to hit the ground running and the safety net of a guarantee makes nVntori even more attractive. Very few supply chain consultants can match the kind of training and implementation regimen and training that my team received. An efficient supply chain management strategy can have a tremendous impact on working capital, cost control and reduction, and the bottom line.”
V.P. of Supply Chain & Finance
“nVntori delivered a thorough evaluation of our company’s existing practices. They had us focused on capital investment solutions. This derived sustainable process improvements that have created measurable efficiencies that continue to positively affect our company’s bottom line. nVntori combines decades of logistics in management experience with profitable, repeatable results”
Director of Supply Chain and Distribution

Benchmark. Redesign. Manage. Transform.

nVntori is an applied technology services firm that partners and helps companies transform supply chain into a core business discipline. These are small to mid-size companies that are committed to and are focused on growth. That recognize to get better multiple returns, you must unlock the levers that accelerate growth.
nVntori focuses on operations and supply chain, we have partnered with the world’s top investors and executive leadership teams to transform businesses and drive enterprise value. We help them with the black box which is supply chain.
nVntori specializes in fortifying and streamlining supply chain operations for companies that have experienced challenges due to acquisition, reorganization, or consolidation. Whether you need consulting, process engineering, or full-scale operational management – nVntori has the proven ability to provide logistics solutions that will positively impact your company’s strength, efficiency, and profitability.