Apparel Retailer Optimized Their Supply Chain Yielded 25% Savings within First 4 months.

A $350 million global apparel retailer suspected a break down in their supply chain management system but could not adequately uncover underlying inefficiencies. They needed to reduce logistics expenses for increased profitability.

The Challenge:

Our client had an investment growth strategy focused on transforming the  company’s sales from storefront to online sales. In conformance with the strategy, nVntori’s performed a diagnostic assessment identifying 5 key areas of focus for a successful e-commerce transformation.
  • Optimal inventory levels and placement
  • Customer install and service predictability
  • Distribution alignment with online sales growth
  • Ability to meet 2-day delivery consumer demand
  • Complexity of 527 storefronts, 16 distribution centers and 20k online customers

Demonstrated Capabilities:

  • Improve client logistics network and service activation
  • Monitor and manage daily shipping/receiving activities
  • Implement improved logistics procurement and enhanced compliance
  • Create custom supply chain reports for improved visibility and insight
  • Develop client-specific reporting metrics requested by senior management
  • Provided expert staff availability specifically selected for advanced-level client support

Customized Solutions:

  • Designed 2-day delivery into distribution model
  • Improved store replenishment and e-commerce speed to consumer
  • Benchmarked e-commerce operating and financial best practices and metrics
  • Converted supply chain to support growth from30% to 70% online consumer sales
  • Identify operational opportunities through a detailed 6-8 week diagnostic assessment
  • Developed a 5-year roadmap that repositioned storefront assets and distribution centers
  • Redesigned distribution network for e-commerce demand, supporting 2020 growth projections

Results Impacted:

  • Logistics-related savings 21%
  • On-Time delivery improved 97%
  • Improved Supplier Compliance 99+%
  • 25% logistics savings in the first 4 months by employing nVntori’s solution

Benchmark. Redesign. Manage. Transform.

nVntori is an applied technology services firm that partners and helps companies transform supply chain into a core business discipline. These are small to mid-size companies that are committed to and are focused on growth. That recognize to get better multiple returns, you must unlock the levers that accelerate growth.
nVntori focuses on operations and supply chain, we have partnered with the world’s top investors and executive leadership teams to transform businesses and drive enterprise value. We help them with the black box which is supply chain.
nVntori specializes in fortifying and streamlining supply chain operations for companies that have experienced challenges due to acquisition, reorganization, or consolidation. Whether you need consulting, process engineering, or full-scale operational management – nVntori has the proven ability to provide logistics solutions that will positively impact your company’s strength, efficiency, and profitability.