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Air Freight involves multiple methods to ensure your goods arrive on time, in compliance, and with full visibility regardless of point of origin.  The ability to move air freight around the world has substantially diminished with the reduction in availability belly-hold capacity.  In addition to shuttered factories and airports, this has added to the transportation bottlenecks in China and other areas.  At nVntori, we offer full air charters worldwide utilizing aircraft of varying sizes and capabilities.  Find out how we can be your air cargo charter specialists. The air cargo industry continues to face challenges of sustainability, profitability and customer satisfaction.

While speed is the number one selling point of air cargo from the shippers’ point of view, there is an increased focus on greater reliability and predictability. Changes are needed in the industry to address evolving expectations and to capitalize on e-commerce growth: end-to-end track and trace, reliability in delivery time and smooth cross-border operations to mention just a few. Competition is stronger than ever with other transport modes, such as shipping and rail, offering new products and customers looking at intermodal transport options to balance costs and speed.

How should air carriers and shippers respond?

Overall, the air freight industry has been slow to adapt to an increasingly digital world that demands better transparency, speed and efficiency. As major shifts continue to take place in consumer, lifestyle, technology and mobility, the entire transportation industry needs to transform. This is particularly true of air freight where, each day, millions of pieces of paper airway bill are exchanged across the supply chain. This increases the chance of error, reducing the efficiency of the process and causing customers and partners numerous pain points and poor quality of service. As with other forms of transportation, carriers and shippers need to focus on intermodal transportation solutions. This will require better collaboration across the entire supply chain, between shipper and carrier and also between air, rail, road and maritime carriers.

Special Solutions:

  • Shipment Registration (Origin to Destination)
  • Overnight Shipping
  • International Air Freight Transportation
  • Cargo Consolidation
  • Cargo Track and Trace
  • Process Improvement (Lean Methodologies & 5S)

We can help:

nVntori has a wealth of experience helping clients rapidly optimize distribution networks to release cash, drive out costs and enable growth. From network strategy to warehousing to inventory management to order fulfillment, each of our services is customized to fit your unique needs, which put you in control and help you run more efficiently.

Benchmark. Redesign. Manage. Transform.

nVntori is an applied technology services firm that partners and helps companies transform supply chain into a core business discipline. These are small to mid-size companies that are committed to and are focused on growth. That recognize to get better multiple returns, you must unlock the levers that accelerate growth.
nVntori focuses on operations and supply chain, we have partnered with the world’s top investors and executive leadership teams to transform businesses and drive enterprise value. We help them with the black box which is supply chain.
nVntori specializes in fortifying and streamlining supply chain operations for companies that have experienced challenges due to acquisition, reorganization, or consolidation. Whether you need consulting, process engineering, or full-scale operational management – nVntori has the proven ability to provide logistics solutions that will positively impact your company’s strength, efficiency, and profitability.