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For decades, the dedicated control tower method of providing vital information for supply chain logistics has been the norm. The inception and development of the dedicated control tower revolutionized the logistics industry and forever changed the way we do business. At its most functional, the control tower model sought to provide supply chain visibility, respond to disruptions and maximize predictive decision-making. Sounds pretty good. So why is the industry changing the way it monitors and collects data?

Well, for one thing, the interconnected nature of control towers makes them susceptible to risk. Service delays, connectivity issues and numerous points of failure are just a few of the reasons why we need to broaden our scope when it comes to effectively monitoring our supply chains. In addition to these issues, many companies have discounted the safety and security features of control tower systems in order to minimize cost and maximize computing output, leaving their supply chain vulnerable to delay and disruption. Our recent experience navigating a global pandemic has emphasized the need for new ways of monitoring our networks while putting a premium on security and continuity.

Luckily, the advances of modern digital technology are here to help. Traditionally speaking, supply chains are linear in nature. However, many supply chains are transforming from a static path to a dynamic, interconnected system that can more easily incorporate new data and evolve to perform with more efficiency as time goes on. This interconnected system is called a digital supply network (DSN). DSNs are able to pull information from many different sources and locations to improve production and distribution. What separates DSNs from traditional, linear supply chains is the fact that DSNs are integrated networks which provide for a continuous flow of information that can generate analytics data, improve workflow and generate insights into areas where the supply chain can be improved. Additionally, with DSNs, many of the latency challenges inherent in linear supply chains can be avoided. The ability for the network to recognize potential disruptions and provide potential solutions ahead of time will be crucial to the future of the supply chain business.

Converting your existing supply chain to a DSN is an exercise that will require your business to analyze existing data to create a strategy for success and solve for variables where current systems are lagging behind or underperforming. Each business will approach this differently and with its own unique set of goals. Remember, transitioning to a DSN is not a point-to-point implementation. Creating a vibrant and intelligent DSN depends on customization and strategic approach, whether your prevailing issues are related to cost reduction or system stability and security.

nVntori can help your business build a robust and secure digital supply network. Reach out to us today and let our industry experience guide your supply chain towards a more intelligent future.

Special Solutions:

  • Reduce excess inventory across your supply chain networks via dynamic sourcing
  • Improve ops performance via continuous flow optimization across the supply chain
  • Automated flows, prerequisite steps, and document integration
  • Identify unforeseen constraints as they occur
  • Gain true visibility into you supply chain through one version of the truth
  • Provide timely warnings to effectively communicate and resolve problems

We can help:

nVntori has a wealth of experience helping clients rapidly optimize distribution networks to release cash, drive out costs and enable growth. From network strategy to warehousing to inventory management to order fulfillment, each of our services is customized to fit your unique needs, which put you in control and help you run more efficiently.

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nVntori is an applied technology services firm that partners and helps companies transform supply chain into a core business discipline. These are small to mid-size companies that are committed to and are focused on growth. That recognize to get better multiple returns, you must unlock the levers that accelerate growth.
nVntori focuses on operations and supply chain, we have partnered with the world’s top investors and executive leadership teams to transform businesses and drive enterprise value. We help them with the black box which is supply chain.
nVntori specializes in fortifying and streamlining supply chain operations for companies that have experienced challenges due to acquisition, reorganization, or consolidation. Whether you need consulting, process engineering, or full-scale operational management – nVntori has the proven ability to provide logistics solutions that will positively impact your company’s strength, efficiency, and profitability.