3-Ways Transportation Systems Are Acclimating

In 2020, and during the pandemic, here are three ways transportation systems are acclimating:

  • First and arguably most important, our transportation systems must adapt quickly. During the pandemic, we saw people donate their cars to rising community actions, buses deliver PPE to staff at hospitals, and mobility was used by on-duty first responders.  Whether we are in a crisis or not, having a dynamic, agile, and risk averse supply chain should be top of mind.
  • Second, visibility into our transportation system can ensure we maintain our resiliency. At critical times of a crisis, we all realize how important the movement of goods truly is.  This includes inbound and outbound transit.  The bottom line, manufactures and distribution centers need goods and materials in order to produce what we deliver to our communities, a steady supply of food, medical supplies, and emergency goods with minimal delays.
  • Finally, digitization and connectivity will be key to enabling a seamless system moving forward. Whether it is a TMS, WMS, EMS or ERP, tech systems are the lifeline of the movement of goods and people.  These systems have not been perfected and the options need to fluctuate in order to please everyone.  The best system is one that is meant to serve varying needs and can be tailored accordingly to be resilient and sustainable to move goods anytime and anywhere.  We have also seen the rise of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) notions.  Although still evolving, the pandemic has clearly served as a way for MaaS ecosystem to solidify and demonstrate its value.

We can help; let the nVntori team of experts show you how the integrated movement of goods can make certain supply meets demand.  We know product can be produced and delivered on time.  Our team has learned that a combination of public-private partnerships ensures increased efficiency and that your supply chain remains sustainable and resilient.

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