Transportation Peak Season Tips 2020:

Tips to Prepare for a Volatile Transportation Peak Season 2020:

This upcoming peak season has many clients wondering how to prepare for volatile conditions. Despite potential delays and high freight shipping costs, there are a few actions clients can take right now:

  • Shield your freight budget and transit timefor changes.  Costs due to unexpected delays or limited capacity can arise, so be prepared.
  • Compare several quotes and modesto make sure you are getting the best cost and most efficient service possible.
  • Delve into warehousing optionsto mitigate the effects of lowered demand and business restrictions in the US.
  • Consider which shipping mode is best for you right now.As during non-pandemic times, ocean freight is typically far cheaper but has significant lead time. If your transit time demands a tighter schedule, ship by air and you will have confidence in the transit times.

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